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Social media and links

Click the icons below to visit TCFP's social media sites.

TCFP on FacebookPictures, meeting notices and links to items of interest.
TCFP on TwitterCurrent events, trending topics and links.
Avoid Injury! blogAn overview of current Texas fire fighter injuries. The blog also provides tips for avoiding injuries. We hope the blog will become a place for Texas fire departments to share best practices to avoid injuries.


The following links lead to web sites with information of interest to the fire service. These links are provided as a convenience. The commission does not endorse linked sites in any way. Please refer to the commission's link policy for more information.

Federal government

National associations and organizations

Texas state government

Texas associations and organizations


About the agency

Mission, goals and philosophy

The commission's mission, goals and philosophy.

Compact with Texans

The commission's Compact with Texans describes the commission's services and customer service standards.

Texas fire service organizations

An overview of fire service organizations in Texas.

Social media and links

Links to the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's social media sites and to other fire protection agencies and associations.