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Continuing education - sources

If you are an individual certificate holder, you are responsible for finding your own continuing education (CE). You are not required to submit CE with your renewal payment, but your CE will be subject to an audit request at any time.* There are several places to get CE training, including:

  • Commission-certified training facilities. Contact the commission-certified training facilities in your area for information about upcoming classes.

  • Fire departments. You can document CE you earn in a fire department classroom by completing Form TCFP-010, Continuing Education Documentation Form. Please note that the the chief training officer or commission-certified instructor who taught the class must sign the form.

  • National Fire Academy (or other nationally recognized training providers). You must maintain a certificate of completion to document this training. The certificate of completion must include the subject, date and number of hours completed.

  • Fire science college programs. You must keep a copy of an official transcript to document completion of a college course in fire science.

  • On-line continuing education providers. You can document this kind of training with a copy of your certificate of completion or a summary printed from the training provider's website. The standards division has the following contact information for online CE training providers:

For your first year as an individual certificate holder (and your first year only), completing a basic academy in the 12 months prior to the expiration date of your first renewal period will count as CE. To document this, you must have a copy of a "certificate of completion" from your academy.

Chapter 441, § 441.5 (m) states:

An individual certificate holder, not employed by a regulated entity, shall submit documentation of continuing education training upon notification by the commission. An example of documentation of continuing education training may include, but not be limited to a Certificate of Completion, a college or training facility transcript, a fire department training roster, etc. Commission staff will review and may approve or disapprove such documentation of training in accordance with applicable commission rules and/or procedures. The training for a resident of Texas at the time the continuing education training is conducted shall be administered by a commission instructor, commission certified training facility, an accredited institution of higher education, or a military or nationally recognized provider of training. The training for a nonresident of Texas, shall be delivered by a state fire academy, a fire department training facility, an accredited institution of higher education, or a military or nationally recognized provider of training. The individual must submit training documentation to the commission for evaluation of the equivalency of the training required by this chapter. The individual certificate holder is responsible for maintaining all of his/her training records for a period of three years from the date of the training.

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