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Basic fire suppression certification - Step 5

To work in Texas as a paid fire fighter, you have to earn a Texas "basic structure fire suppression" certificate. To earn the certificate, you must:

  1. Finish a basic fire fighter training program.
  2. Show that you can perform basic fire fighting skills.
  3. Pass the state certification test.
  4. Finish your emergency medical responder training.
  5. Get fingerprints and pass a criminal history background check.
  6. Apply for your certification.

Step 5. Get fingerprints and pass a criminal history background check

When you submit your application, you must also submit your fingerprints so we can do a criminal history background check. You have to do this even if you have already done this for another agency.

The State of Texas currently contracts with a vendor, IdentoGO, for fingerprint-based checks. The current cost for submission of fingerprint data is $41.45, paid directly to IdentoGO.

To get a fingerprint-based criminal history check:

  • Download, print and complete a FAST Pass application Link to PDF file.
  • Contact the IdentoGO External link location nearest to you and schedule appointment to submit your fingerprint data.
  • Take your FAST Pass application to your IdentoGO appointment.

The results of your criminal history background check will be available to us within three to five days after you submit your fingerprints.

PLEASE NOTE: Your criminal history information is only available to us for a limited time, so please make sure that you submit your Application for Certification to us at the same time you submit your fingerprint information to IdentoGO.

Have you passed your background check? Go to Step 6.

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