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Courage to Be Safe resources

In March 2004, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation put together their 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives - Everyone Goes Home program, as part of their Courage to be Safe initiative. It was created to ensure the safety, and long lives, of all fire protection personnel.

On Oct. 20, 2010 the Texas Commission on Fire Protection adopted this initiative and has required all certified fire protection personnel to complete this program by Dec. 1, 2015 (See 435.25). We believe this program will save lives and we want you to make these practices a priority in your departments.

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Sources for the training include:

Learn more to keep your team safe

Our library newsletter has focused on some of these 16 Life Safety Initiatives over the last year or so, and will continue do so over time. Check out these newsletters to find more information about each initiative and to learn about related resources available to you free of charge from our library.

Certification and professional development

Certification and professional development

A brief introduction to the commission's certification and professional development program.

Certification requirements

The commission offers 40 certifications or certification "levels" (i.e., basic, intermediate, advanced, etc.). This chart provides links to the requirements for each certification and each level.

Certification verification

A form to verify a certified individual's certification status.

Basic fire suppression

Overview of the requirements to become certified as an entry-level fire fighter in the State of Texas.

CE - required hours

How to determine how many hours of continuing education are required to renew.

Individual renewals

Information and FAQs for individual certificate holders. (Individual certificate holders are those who are not affiliated with a regulated department.)

Transferring to Texas

Guidelines for transferring out-of-state or military fire protection certifications to Texas.

A-list and B-list courses

A-list and B-list courses for higher levels of certification.

CE sources

Sources of continuing education.

Courage to Be Safe resources

Resources and links to more information about the Courage to Be Safe program.

Traffic safety course resources

Resources and links to more information about the required traffic safety program.