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Compliance program overview

The commission's compliance program helps ensure the safety of regulated fire protection personnel by:

  • Inspecting protective clothing and equipment.
  • Inspecting training records.

Rules governing fire fighter safety are in Chapter 435 of the Standards Manual. Rules governing how the commission conducts inspections and enforces compliance are in Chapter 445.

The agency has compliance inspectors in Allen, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock and Lufkin. These inspectors travel to every regulated entity at least once every two years to check fire protection personnel certification status, training records, protective clothing, breathing air test records and self-contained breathing apparatus. If a department is in violation of a state law or commission rule, the compliance section works with the entity to develop a plan that will lead to compliance.

The compliance program's main phone number is (512) 936-3830.

Standards compliance

Compliance program overview

Overview of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's compliance program.

Compliance notices and alerts

Notices and alerts from the commission's compliance program.

How to comply with NFPA Standards adopted by the commission

A list of NFPA Standards adopted by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection with explanations about how to comply with the standards.

Risk assessment information and templates

Information, templates and guidance to assist departments in performing NFPA 1851-compliant risk assessments for selecting personal protective equipment

Compliance inspection guide (PDF)

This form provides a guide for regulated departments to help prepare for a compliance inspection.

Certified training facility inspection guide (PDF)

This form provides a guide for certified training facilitiesto help prepare for a commission inspection.

Wellness-Fitness Rule (PDF)

An overview of how to meet the requirements of §435.21, Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness-Fitness Initiative.