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Contacts - quick reference

Phone:(512) 936-3838
FAX:(512) 936-3808
Mailing address:PO Box 2286, Austin, TX 78768-2286
Physical address:1701 North Congress, Suite 1-105, Austin, TX 78701
E-mail Send e-mail

NOTE: If you need to send something to the commission overnight, please use a service that delivers to the agency's physical address (FedEx, UPS, etc. Please do NOT use USPS for overnight delivery, as it delivers only to the agency's PO box.)

For commissioners and advisory committee members information, please see commission and advisory committees page.

William B. Travis building

The commission is on the first floor of the William B. Travis building, two blocks north of the Capitol building on Congress Avenue.

Quick reference

Certifications/IFSAC seals
Certification/IFSAC seals information, qualifications(512) 936-3826
Certification/IFSAC seals application status(512) 936-3828
Renewals - individuals or departments(512) 936-3828
Continuing education - information, audits(512) 936-3820
For any of the above(512) 936-3825
General information - qualification, applying for an exam(512) 936-3811
Submitted test application status(512) 936-3811
Test grades/results(512) 936-3811
Other information
Curriculum Manual, Skills Manual512-936-3824
FIDO - individual accounts(512) 936-3826
or (512) 936-3828
FIDO - department accounts/administrators(512) 936-3826
or (512) 936-3828
Complaints - information, status(512) 936-3830
Compliance questions, informationRegional compliance officer
or (512) 936-3830
Injury reporting(512) 936-3850
Library - research requests(512) 936-3833
Library - reference material or check out(512) 936-3833
FD job posting (512) 936-3833
Commission Members and Staff
TCFP Executive DirectorTim Rutland
Compliance ManagerPaul Maldonado
Educational and Professional Development ManagerSylvia Miller
Training Approval and Testing Manager Joyce Guinn
Compliance Officer at East Central Texas Regional Office
Joe Don James
Compliance Officer at North East Texas Regional Office
Brian Meroney
Compliance Officer at North Central Texas Regional Office
Rick Wallace
Compliance Officer at South Texas & Rio Grande Valley Regional Office
Tim Gardner
Compliance Officer at Houston & Galveston Regional Office
Ernie Null
Compliance Officer at Plains & West Texas Regional Office
Tim Gothard


Contacts - quick reference

Phone and fax numbers, agency mailing and physical addresses. Includes a list of "quick contacts" organized by agency services and functions.

Commissioners and committee members

Contact information for commissioners and committee members, and biographical information for commissioners.

Contact us

Contact form to address any questions or concerns.