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Standards Manual for Fire Protection Personnel

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection's Standards Manual for Fire Protection Personnel is a compilation of the state laws codified in Title 37, Part 13 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).

When the commission proposes or adopts "rule changes," these are the laws that the commission is changing. (Please see below for a brief explanation of the difference between the Government Code and the Administrative Code.)

The Secretary of State oversees the publication of the TAC; the links below lead to the TAC Reader at the Secretary of State's website.

DISCLAIMER: The links may be down for many reasons. TCFP is not responsible for this.


Chapter 419 of the Texas Government Code contains the laws that govern the commission. The Government Code is written by the Texas Legislature and approved by the governor. The Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 13, are the laws written and approved by the commission. You may hear people refer to the Texas Government Code as "statutes" and the TAC referred to as "rules," but both bodies of "code" are state laws. In general terms, the Government Code are the laws that create the commission and define its scope and authority, and the Administrative Code are the laws that apply to the entities and individuals the commission regulates. The commission refers to the compilation of its rules as The Standards Manual for Fire Protection Personnel.

You may also see the commission rules referred to as, for example, "37 TAC Chapter 423," which is a shorthand way of saying, "Texas Administrative Code Title 37, Part 13, Chapter 423." (This is how the commission refers to Chapter 423 on commission and committee meeting agendas.)