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Training approval and testing

The commission's training approval and testing section:

  • Administers examinations for fire service personnel certification.
  • Approves certification training courses.

To schedule a certification exam (or an exam for an IFSAC seal) you must contact the training approval and testing section. When the testing staff has verified that you are qualified to take an exam, they will send you an application to test.

Basic structure fire protection exam

To qualify to take the commission's basic structural fire fighting exam, in-state individuals must complete a basic structure fire suppression course.

IFSAC has accredited the commission's basic structural fire fighting testing process as meeting national standards for NFPA Fire Fighter I and NFPA Fire Fighter II, and NFPA's hazardous materials awareness and operations levels. In order to take the basic certification exam, individuals coming from outside of Texas must have a Fire Fighter II (or higher) IFSAC seal, or provide other proof that their prior training meets or exceeds Texas requirements. (See the transferring page for details about transferring certifications from other jurisdictions.)

The basic structure exam includes both skills testing and a written test. Please refer to the basic certification overview page for more information.

Available state certification exams

The commission offers many state certification exams, most of which are accredited by IFSAC:

  • IFSAC-accredited state certification exams
    • Fire Fighter I
    • Fire Fighter II
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness
    • Hazardous Materials Operations
    • Hazardous Materials Technician
    • Hazardous Materials Incident Commander
    • Driver/Operator - Pumper
    • Driver/Operator - Aerial
    • Airport Fire Fighter
    • Fire Officer I
    • Fire Officer II
    • Fire Officer III
    • Fire Officer IV
    • Fire Investigator
    • Fire Inspector (includes Inspector I, II and Plans Examiner I)
    • Fire Service Instructor I
    • Fire Service Instructor II
    • Fire Service Instructor III
    • Incident Safety Officer
  • State certification exams not accredited by IFSAC
    • Basic Marine Fire Suppression
    • Basic Wildland Fire Fighter
    • Fire and Life Safety Educator I

Individuals may take these exams to qualify for a commission certification or IFSAC seal. Please contact the testing section for more information or to verify your qualifications to take one of these exams.


The training approval and testing section's main phone number is (512) 936-3811.

Training approval and testing

Training approval and testing

Overview of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's training approval and testing program.

Online Test Sites

Information regarding online test sites and their provided courses.

Regional testing site schedule

Information regarding testing dates at the commission's regional testing sites.

Certified training facilities

Contact information for fire protection training facilities certified by the commission. Visitors can search for training facilities by city, county, or training discipline.

Upcoming training

This page provides a tool to search for upcoming commission-approved courses.


Questions and answers about the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's accreditation by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).

Course ID list

A list of ID numbers for commission-approved courses.

Academy exam procedures (PDF)

Exam procedures for fire academies wishing to test in accordance with commission rules, includes information and instructions when applying for a state certification exam.