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Employment postings

Texas fire service postings

The commission posts Texas fire service job openings on request. The following positions are currently posted:

TCFP postings

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection has no openings at this time.

Job posting guidelines

Please send job posting requests to the public information section. Our posting guidelines:

  • The job must be in Texas.
  • The job must be a fire protection position. (Generally, if the position requires or would require a TCFP certification, we will post it.)
  • We do NOT post "support" positions (e.g., dispatcher, administrative assistant, etc.) or EMS-only positions.
  • Your department does not have to be a commission-regulated department to participate. We will post volunteer and industrial fire protection positions on request, provided that the position meets the preceding guidelines.
  • We do not charge for postings.
  • We will post the position as quickly as we can.
  • We will send you an e-mail confirmation when the position is posted.
  • Please include an end date. (If it's an open-ended posting, we will typically post it for a month at a time, but we're flexible - whatever works for your department.)