Fire protection-related legislation, 2021
(87TH Legislative Session)

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection is providing this list of fire protection-related bills for informational purposes only. The agency staff does not advocate or take a position for or against any proposed legislation. (If you see a bill that may be of interest to the Texas fire service, please let us know. Thanks!)

Last update: 1/14/2021

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Bills directly affecting Chapter 419 are highlighted in pink in the chart below.

Note: Texas Government Code Chapter 419 is the commissions governing statute

Bill Type

Bill Number



Bill Stage

HB 582 Cole Relating to the exemption of tuition and laboratory fees at public institutions of higher education for certain paramedics. Filed
HB 600 Johnson Relating to the regular psychological examination of peace officers. Filed
HB 786 Oliverson Relating to required cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for certain telecommunicators. Filed
HB 788 Geren Relating to the eligibility of emergency services dispatchers to participate in a public safety employees treatment court program. Filed
HB 805 Huberty Relating to certain increases in benefits under the firefighters' relief and retirement fund in certain municipalities. Filed
HB 899 Middleton Relating to prohibiting a licensing authority from taking disciplinary action against certain license holders for violating an emergency management plan or a rule, order, or ordinance issued under the plan. Filed
HB 1034 Goodwin Relating to the authority of a county to adopt a fire or wildland-urban interface code. Filed
HB 1051 Geren Relating to the eligibility of emergency service dispatchers to participate in a public safety employees treatment court program. Filed
SB 300 Hinojosa Relating to eligibility for the exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of certain first responders. Filed
HB 541 Patterson Relating to a presumption in regard to the eligibility of public safety employees who have contracted coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for certain benefits. Filed
HB 1087 Hawkins Relating to acts for which a firefighter or police officer in certain municipalities may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Filed
SB 333 Johnson Relating to the disciplinary suspension of police officers in certain municipalities. Filed