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Effective May 20th, the fee for processing applications for testing is reduced from $85 to $55.

  • Mailed applications that are postmarked on or after May 20th will be processed at the new $55 fee. Those postmarked prior to May 20th are subject to the $85 fee.
  • Online applications that are processed by TCFP on or after May 20th will be processed at the new $55 fee. Those processed prior to May 20th are subject to the $85 fee.

The fee for sectional exams ($35) remains unchanged.

Staff directory

The commission employs 31 staff members in seven functional areas: the executive director's office, compliance, training approval and testing, certification and professional development, public information, financial services and information technology.

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Executive Director's Office

Tim Rutland, Executive Director (512) 936-3812   Send e-mail
Deborah Cowan, Executive Assistant (512) 936-3812   Send e-mail
Alma Craig, Human Resources Officer (512) 936-3841   Send e-mail
Grace Wilson, Public Information Coordinator (512) 936-3850   Send e-mail


Paul Maldonado, Manager (512) 936-3830   Send e-mail

Field Offices

Map of commission regions / Fire departments by region

Rick Wallace, Compliance Officer
Region 2, Plains and West Texas
(512) 944-3111   Send e-mail
Lamar Ford, Compliance Officer
Region 3, North Central Texas
(512) 944-3113   Send e-mail
Robert Manley, Compliance Officer
Region 4, Northeast Texas
(512) 825-9640   Send e-mail
Fred Green, Compliance Officer
Region 5, East Central Texas
(512) 944-3110   Send e-mail
Ernie Null, Compliance Officer
Region 6, Houston and Galveston Area
(512) 775-6561   Send e-mail
Tim Gardner, Compliance Officer
Region 7, South Texas and Rio Grande Valley
(512) 944-3109   Send e-mail

Training Approval and Testing

Joyce Guinn, Manager (512) 936-3816   Send e-mail
Cliff Grant, Auditor (512) 936-3819   Send e-mail
Sammie Penrod, Testing Specialist (512) 936-3817   Send e-mail
Annalise Mendez, Testing Specialist (512) 936-3818   Send e-mail
Tim Brown, Testing Specialist (512) 936-3815   Send e-mail
David Alexander, Testing Specialist (512) 936-3823   Send e-mail

Certification and Professional Development

Sylvia Miller, Manager (512) 936-3825   Send e-mail
Jim Humphres, Certification Specialist (512) 936-3826   Send e-mail
Kristen Borthwick, IFSAC/Renewals Specialist (512) 936-3828   Send e-mail
Amanda Ramos, Education, Research and Outreach Specialist (512) 936-3833   Send e-mail

Financial Services

Servando Sanchez, Manager (512) 936-3842   Send e-mail
Denise Alvarez, Accountant (512) 936-3844   Send e-mail
Nancy Love, Accountant (512) 936-3843   Send e-mail

Information Technology

Mohammed Adams, Senior Programmer/IRM (512) 936-3838   Send e-mail
Robert Reese, Systems Support Specialist/ISO (512) 936-3838   Send e-mail
Derrell Beasley, Programmer (512) 936-3838   Send e-mail
Dustin Wells, Programmer (512) 936-3838   Send e-mail


Contacts - quick reference

Phone and fax numbers, agency mailing and physical addresses. Includes a list of "quick contacts" organized by agency services and functions.

Commissioners and committee members

Contact information for commissioners and committee members, and biographical information for commissioners.

Staff directory

Contact and biographical information of agency staff members.