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TCFP-003 form

We have recently had to deny several applications for the Head of Department certification because the applicants had not completed all the requirements for the certification.

In several cases, applicants who have been appointed in FIDO are downloading and submitting the application and fee before they have completed:

  • the standards review
  • the meeting with the compliance officer
  • attending an advisory committee or commission meeting
  • document completion of the National Incident Management System courses 100, 200, 300, 400, 700 and 800 by submitting copies of certificates of completion

It can take several months to complete these requirements, depending on the applicant's schedule. Applicants for the Head of Department certification have up to a year to complete these requirements, but we can't hold your application and fee while you're completing them - you must complete the requirements before applying for the certification.

If you have completed the requirements for this certification, please contact a certification staff member at (512) 936-3820 for the form. Thanks.