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Employment postings

Texas fire service postings

The commission posts Texas fire service job openings on request. The following positions are currently posted:

Job posting guidelines

Please send job posting requests to Failure to follow the guidelines will result in the posting of the position to be voided without notice. Our posting guidelines are:

  • Please submit your job posting as a PDF file or web link. Other formats are not supported and will not be acknowledged.
  • Please include an end date in your e-mail. (If it's an open-ended posting, we will typically post it for a month at a time, but we're flexible - whatever works for your department.)
  • The job must be in Texas.
  • The job must be a fire protection position. (Generally, if the position requires or would require a TCFP certification, we will post it.)
  • We do NOT post "support" positions (e.g., dispatcher, administrative assistant, etc.) or EMS-only positions.
  • We will post volunteer and industrial fire protection positions on request, provided that the position meets the preceding guidelines.

TCFP does not charge for postings. We attempt to post jobs as soon as possible, but we do not guarantee that your job will be posted the day it is received. Please note that we may change job titles to match common language used throughout the Jobs page, or which better match the requirements of the job.