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Standards forms

NOTE: We do not make applications for testing available online. The commission staff must first verify your qualifications to take a certification exam. When we have verified your qualifications, we will send you a packet of information, including the application to test. For more information regarding applications for testing, please contact the testing and training approval staff at (512) 936-3811.

Form Form Title Last Revision
TCFP-001 Note: All duty appointments except for Head of Department and Arson Investigator should be completed online via your department's FIDO account. For Head of Department and Arson Investigator duty appointments, please use the appropriate form below:

Link to PDF file TCFP-001HOD - Appointment to Head of Department

Link to PDF file TCFP-001A - Appointment to Arson Investigator Duties
Link to PDF file TCFP-002 Application for Certification 05/18/2017
Link to PDF file FAST Pass Instructions for submitting fingerprints 02/17/2016
Link to PDF file TCFP-003 Application for Head of Department Certification 02/23/2016
Link to PDF file TCFP-019 FIDO Account Owner Designation 09/15/2010
Link to PDF file TCFP-004 Confirmation of Commission 12/03/2014
Link to PDF file TCFP-005 Removal from Appointment 06/17/2009
Link to PDF file TCFP-006 Training Facility Application for Certification 01/24/2019
Link to PDF file TCFP-008 Application for Voluntary Regulation of a Fire
Department Not Connected with a Local Government
Link to PDF file TCFP-009 Continuing Education Exemption 11/22/2005
Link to PDF file TCFP-010 Continuing Education Documentation Form 03/17/2015
Link to PDF file TCFP-012 Application for Early Review of Eligibility for Certification 01/26/2017
Link to PDF file TCFP-013 Notification of Individual Name Change 08/27/2013
Link to PDF file TCFP-014 Notice of Conviction 06/09/2016
Link to PDF file TCFP-015 Application for Individual Certification Renewal
no longer available, generated in FIDO
Link to PDF file TCFP-016 Affidavit 02/15/2011
Link to PDF file TCFP-017 Assurance of Training (Verification of Out-of-State Training) 08/09/2005
Link to PDF file TCFP-018 Voluntary Surrender of Certification 01/01/2010
Link to PDF file TCFP-042 Removal from Testing Roster 11/14/2005
Link to PDF file TCFP-045 Records Review Request Form 03/01/2019
Link to PDF file TCFP-049 Academy Walk-In Letter 01/30/2008
Link to PDF file TCFP-051 Application for IFSAC Seals 08/01/2016