Individual Renewals


All certificates expire on October 31 each year. We will send an e-mail reminder 60 days before the renewal deadline to your email in your FIDO account. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current to receive these notifications from the commission.

Individual certificate holders can renew their certificates in FIDO module via Renewal in the main menu. After October 31 late fees will apply for all renewals.

NOTE: If you are currently employed by a commission regulated entity, your department is responsible for your renewal.

If your certificate(s) expires on Oct. 31, 2024:

Step 1

Login to FIDO

If you are an individual certificate holder, please check your personal FIDO Account to review your current certification status.

Step 2

Verify that you have at least 20 hours of continuing education (CE) completed after November 1, 2023. Those holding certificates in wildland and hazmat technician have additional CE requirements that must be met to maintain this certification. Chapter 441 of the Standards Manual has more information on CE requirements.

Step 3

Keep your CE documentation

Do NOT send us your CE documentation unless we request it. Your CE is subject to audit for up to three years following renewal.

Step 4

Create your renewal invoice and pay all fees to renew your certification(s).

Important: All certificates must be renewed within one year of the expiration date. Certifications that are not renewed within one year of the expiration date will require testing to qualify to reapply for certification.

For example: If your certification(s) expires Oct. 31, 2024 your final deadline to renew is Oct. 31, 2025. If you do not renew by Oct. 31, 2025, you will have to retake the certification exam and reapply for certification.

Department Renewals


October 31, every year

Certificates for employed certified fire protection personnel expire October 31 of each year. Regulated entities are responsible for paying the yearly renewal fee for all employed certified personnel.

Fees Due:

$60 per employed personnel

One renewal fee of $60 renews all certificates held by an employee. In situations where there is more than one employer, the first full or part time employer is responsible for the renewal fee. Late fees are required if paid after 10/31.



On or after September 1 of each year, Department FIDO administrators can reconcile their personnel list and confirm continuing education through the Renewal module in their department’s FIDO account to generate their main annual renewal invoice.

Individual’s hired after the main renewal invoice has been paid, must be renewed separately, if necessary.

Any certificates that remain expired for one year or longer are no longer eligible to be renewed, and testing is required to requalify to reapply for certification.

Please contact a member of the certification staff at (512) 936-3838 if you have any questions about the renewal process.

It is a violation of state law for individuals employed by a fire department to perform any fire protection duties that require certification after the expiration of the appropriate certificate.

Training Facility Renewal


January 31, every year

All certified training facilities are responsible for renewing their training certificates as these expire on January 31 each year.

Fees Due:


One renewal fee of $75 renews all certificates held by a certified training facility. Late fees are required if paid after 1/31.



On or after December 1 of each year, department FIDO administrators are responsible for generating a renewal invoice via the Training management page of FIDO.

All privately owned training facilities must submit a financial statement to the commission prior to being able to generate a renewal invoice.

Any training conducted by a training facility whose certificate has expired, will not be accepted toward any certification of personnel by the Commission. Training Prior Approvals cannot be processed with expired training facility certifications.

Please contact a member of the certification staff at (512) 936-3838 if you have any questions about the renewal process.

Continuing Education (CE)

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A quick reference for continuing education (CE) requirements.

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Each year you renew, you may be audited for your continuing education.

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Sources of continuing education.

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