CE Audit for Individual Certificate Holders

Each year you renew, you may be audited for your continuing education. As an individual certificate holder, you are not required to submit CE documentation when you renew but should keep copies of all completed CE. Acceptable records are copies of completion certificates, summary documents that state the subject date, time and training provider or a copy of an official transcript to document fire science courses.

If you are audited, you must provide documentation of a minimum 20 hours of CE. These hours may be completed in either level 1 or 2 training, or a combination of the two types.

For more information, please contact the certification section at (512) 936-3829.

Training that repeats course material from the basic curriculum in the discipline(s) you hold certification. You may only complete four hours of level 1 training in any one subject.

Training to develop new skills. Examples are National Fire Academy (NFA) courses, fire service-related seminars, or college courses in fire science.

You must complete four hours of wildland specific CE, including a hands-on refresher in the deployment of a fire shelter. These four hours can be included in your 20 hours.

You must complete an additional eight hours of hazmat tech specific CE, for a total of 28 hours.

If you have completed a commission approved academy in the 12 months prior to your certification expiration date, a copy of that certificate of completion will be acceptable documentation of continuing education.

You may be exempt from the CE requirement if you can provide documentation of military service or activation to military service during the affected renewal period(s).

If you renewed as an individual certificate holder and are audited, you can submit a copy of your military orders in response to the audit email.