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How to Submit your Injury Report

Regulated Entities
The commission requires regulated entities to report injuries via the FIDO system (see §435.23.)
Non-Regulated Fire Protection Entities
We encourage non-regulated fire protection entities to report their injuries to gain an accurate picture of injury trends in the Texas fire service. Please call the number below to submit an injury report.

Learn how to create an injury report:

Have questions about injury reporting? Call us at 512-936-3850 or send an email to

Building a 'Community of Safety'

The commission gathers and evaluates data on fire protection personnel injuries and develops recommendations for reducing injuries. The goal of the injury reporting program is to help the Texas fire service community identify common injuries and learn how to prevent them.

What information does the commission collect?

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Minor, serious, and fatal injuries

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Types of injuries (burns, strain-sprains, wounds, etc.)

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Body parts injured

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Activities and tasks in which fire personnel are injured

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Missed time and work assignment after injury

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Malfunctions/failures of PPE, SCBA, PASS devices and SOPs

How Will This Help You

The injury reporting program helps fire protection entities:

  • Identify common injuries
  • Identify trends in injuries
  • Identify needed training in departments
  • Evaluate and seek improvements in department procedures
  • Find out about lost time injuries
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Injury Resources

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Injury Reportsarrow_right_alt

Read about our injury reports.

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Injury Reporting Termsarrow_right_alt

Definitions of terms used in the commission's injury reporting system.

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Injury Reporting FAQsarrow_right_alt

Answers to faqs regarding fire protection personnel injury reporting requirements.

Learn More and Get Help

We provide information about reported injuries to the Texas fire service via our "Avoid Injury!" blog, our library resources and on Facebook. The commission's year-end report is included in the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office's (SFMO's) annual report.