Required Certifications

The required certifications are for those who are employed and appointed to duties and it includes:

Voluntary Certifications

The commission offers optional certificates in the following disciplines:

(Fire departments may adopt local policies requiring personnel to hold one or more of these optional certifications, but they are not required by state law.)
The commission encourages certified fire protection personnel to continue to develop their skills throughout their careers by offering higher-level certificates. Higher level certifications typically require a combination of education and time in service.

Transferring to Texas | Military Applicants

The firefighter certification process can be slightly different per person. Our highest priority is to welcome each candidate and put them on a pathway as seamlessly as possible.

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Are you an out of state or international fire fighter? Learn how to get certified in Texas.

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Are you an active military personnel? Learn how to get certified with us!

Certification Resources

View resources pertaining to certification.

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Commission certificates must be renewed annually with us.

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A-list and B-list Coursesarrow_right_alt

A-List and B-List courses can help you meet the training requirements.

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Service Timearrow_right_alt

Years of service employed while holding certification that can be used towards higher levels of and instructor certification.

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Individual & Department Searcharrow_right_alt

Tool for searching info about individual certifications, employment history etc.

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Certification Verificationarrow_right_alt

Do you want to check if a fire fighter certificate is valid? TCFP gives you access to verify fire fighters certificate.

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Wallet Verificationarrow_right_alt

Do you want to check if a fire fighter's wallet is valid? TCFP gives you access to verify fire fighters wallet card.

Need Help?

Contact the certification and professional development section's main phone number (512) 936-3820.