About A-list and B-list Courses

To earn intermediate and advanced certifications in fire protection, certificate holders must meet specific time and training requirements. Certain combinations of the A-List and B-List courses listed below can help fire protection personnel meet the training requirements. For information on specific requirements for higher levels of certification in each discipline, please refer to the appropriate sections of the Standards Manual for Fire Protection Personnel.

To confirm that you have met the education requirements for a higher level of certification, you must submit documentation of the training. Training documentation that the commission will accept includes:

  1. a valid commission test on file or
  2. a copy of the applicable IFSAC seals for TCFP courses included in the A or B list. For non-TCFP courses, the commission will accept a certificate of course completion.

Please note that the training in the components leading to a basic certification such as Basic Fire Fighter or Basic Inspector (i.e., Fire Fighter I or II, HazMat Awareness or Operations, Inspector I, II or Plans Examiner) cannot be counted toward higher levels in the same certification. See Chapter 423 or Chapter 429 of the Standards Manual for more information.

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A-List Courses (PDF).

[Updated 7/12/2021].

B-List Courses (PDF).

[Updated 3/9/2022].

Need Help?

If you have additional questions, please contact the commission's certification section at (512) 936-3820.