Transferring to Texas from an IFSAC Jurisdiction

The State of Texas recognizes IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) certificates from other jurisdictions in its basic structural fire protection, aircraft rescue, hazardous materials technician, hazardous materials incident commander, incident safety officer, driver/operator-pumper, driver/operator-aerial, fire inspector, plans examiner, fire investigator, fire instructor, fire officer, and fire & life safety educator disciplines.

If you have never held certification in Texas, you must create a FIDO account by clicking here.

To become certified as a basic structural fire fighter, you must submit the following:

  • A copy of your hazmat awareness, operations, fire fighter I & II IFSAC seals. Copies of each seal can be uploaded to your FIDO account through the Submissions page, Register IFSAC seals button.
  • Documentation of completed equivalent medical training (ECA, EMT or Paramedic) or certification (Texas Department of State Health Services or National Registry). A copy of your certificate of completion from the training or your actual certification card is acceptable documentation. You can upload this training to your FIDO account through the Submissions page, Medical Training button.
  • Complete the fingerprint-based background check by following the instructions found on FAST-Pass (PDF).

After all prerequisites are met, you may apply for Basic Structure Fire Fighter certification via your FIDO account on the Applications page. Your certification will be issued upon payment of the associated invoice; the quickest option is to pay online with a credit card.

You can view and print your certification at any time by accessing the Records page within your FIDO account.

Transferring to Texas from a Non-IFSAC Jurisdiction

Individuals who have received non-IFSAC training may be eligible to have their training deemed equivalent to complete the commission-designated skill evaluation process and challenge the commission's examination for the applicable certification discipline by submitting training to be reviewed by the commission staff. The commission charges a non-refundable fee of $75 for each records review conducted for determining equivalency to the appropriate commission certification training program or to establish eligibility to complete the evaluation process.

Please use form TCFP-045, Record Review Request Form (PDF). to request a review of your records to determine eligibility. Prior to submittal, please create an account at FIDO to obtain a personal identification number (FIDO PIN).

Your training records and the fee must be submitted to:

Texas Commission on Fire Protection
ATTN: Training Approval and Testing Program
PO Box 2286
Austin, TX 78768-2286