When an individual demonstrates proficiency in a particular area by passing a certification examination and meeting any other requirements of the standard, the individual is eligible to obtain an IFSAC seal. Possession of an IFSAC seal demonstrates "reasonable assurance of the content and quality of the testing program offered by the entity" to other institutions and programs. It says that the individual has successfully met the requirements of the applicable NFPA standard.

Have you completed commission approved training and passed the commission exam within the last two years? If not, please skip to the Training section.

If you have passed the commission exam, log into your FIDO account to view your eligibility status.


The requirements to be issued an IFSAC seal in a desired discipline are:

  • Qualify for and pass the commission exam; you must have an unexpired exam score in FIDO to qualify for IFSAC seals
  • Meet all additional eligibility requirements, see the Prerequisites section above
  • Apply and pay for seals. The quickest option is to pay with a credit card.


A commission approved training program must be completed and the commission exam must be passed to qualify for an IFSAC seal. All applications must be made prior to the expiration of an exam and all exam scores expire two (2) years from the date of the original examination.

If your exam scores have expired, retesting is required to be eligible for IFSAC seals (in addition to any possible perquisites). Contact the training and testing division of the commission at 512-936-3811 or for more information.

If you failed a TCFP exam and are unable to retest with the commission, you may earn an IFSAC seal from another IFSAC accredited entity to meet the requirement for seal eligibility.

To add an IFAC seal earned through another accredited entity to your FIDO account, upload a copy of your seal through the Submissions page, Register IFSAC Seal button.


In addition to passing the commission exam and applying within two (2) years of the original exam date, the following requirements must be met:

Must hold Hazmat Awareness and Operations seals, requires documentation of medical training

o Medical courses documented must meet NFPA 1001 medical requirements that include the following four subjects: Infection Control; CPR; Bleeding Control and Shock Management

  • You may submit a copy of a completion certificate, wallet ID card, or similar through the Submissions page, Medical Training button.
Must hold Hazmat Awareness and Operations, and FFI seals
Must hold Hazmat Awareness and Operations seals
Must hold Fire Fighter II and Instructor I seals
Must hold Officer I and Instructor I seals
Must hold Officer II and Instructor II seals
Must hold Officer III and Instructor II seals
Must hold Fire Fighter II, Instructor I, and Fire Officer I seals


Step 1:

Log into FIDO

Step 2:

Click Applications on the left menu

Step 3:

Click the green Apply button (if button is not green, you are not eligible). Follow the instructions to create an invoice

Step 4:

Click Invoices on the left menu

Step 5:

Click the green Pay link on the far right of the screen

Step 6:

Follow the instructions on to enter credit card information for payment to have seal issued immediately.


Step 1:

Log into FIDO

Step 2:

Click Records on the left menu

Step 3:

Click Certification within the green bar

Step 4:

Click Print next to the name of the seal. This will open a PDF file that can be downloaded and saved or printed. The commission does not mail hard copies of IFSAC seals.