Request Library Access (Patron ID)

  • Every library patron must have a Texas mailing address and be a Texas resident.
  • No more than 3 items may be borrowed from the Media Library, and no more than 5 items total may be borrowed by a patron.
  • All requests are given an automatic 30-day due date. A longer borrowing period can be requested by contacting the librarian after a hold is placed.
  • Library loans can be renewed through your patron account, as long as a hold request has not been placed on the item by another patron.
  • Library patrons are responsible for return shipping and must ensure items are returned in good condition.
  • Failure to return library loans in good condition will result in borrowing privileges being revoked, either temporarily or permanently. The patron will be responsible for replacing lost or damaged items.
  • By using this service, library patrons agree to abide by these guidelines and all applicable copyright laws.