Submit Job Posting

Please submit job posting requests using the Application tab. Requests will be verified and approved by staff before they are posted.

All requests must follow the guidelines below:

  • Job posters must adhere to the Job Posting Terms of Use and Disclaimer
  • Job postings require a PDF OR a web link that includes details of the position. Other formats are not supported and requests lacking information will be denied. Please note that if you provide both a PDF and a link, the link will supersede the PDF and the PDF will not be included in the final job posting.
  • If you list your posting as "Open until filled," it will be posted for 30 days.
  • The job must be in Texas.
  • The job must be a fire protection position. Generally, if the position requires or would require a TCFP certification, we will post it.
  • We do NOT post "support" positions (e.g., dispatcher, administrative assistant, etc.) or EMS-only positions.
  • We will post volunteer and industrial fire protection positions on request, provided that the position meets the preceding guidelines.

TCFP does not charge for postings. Please note that we may change job titles to match common language used throughout the Jobs page, or which better match the requirements of the job.

Please email us at if you have any questions regarding job postings.

Please include the name of your fire department or organization.
Please type the name of the city in which the job is primarily located. This job must be in Texas.
Select a job title from the list or choose other. Please be aware that “Probationary Fire Fighter/Recruit” is reserved for jobs that do not require certifications as a minimum qualification.
Please include an annual salary/range or type in “DOQ.” If the job is hourly, biweekly, please state it explicitly; for example, $16.50/hr.

You must submit either PDF (< 10MB) or URL (starts with http:// or https://). If you include both, only the URL will be displayed.