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Online Testing Sites

When registering for your online TCFP test, please be sure to contact your preferred online testing center for general information, scheduling procedures, test site fee payment, and directions. If you need to register, please do so with FIDO

Below you may browse and filter through the online testing locations, and find a location that is convenient for you.

Online Testing Requirements

  • Reliable Ethernet internet connection
  • Willingness to download Safe Exam Browser (SEB) onto designated testing computers.
  • The ability to receive, and retrieve as needed, a Test Site Package in the form of an email from TCFP.
  • Testing centers must check government issued photo IDs of all examinees.
  • Testing centers must review examinees Online Exam Eligibility Form, which the examinee will be required to provide.
  • Dividers or partitions between testing computers.
  • Testing center staff to serve as proctors or a willingness to allow TCFP approved proctors to administer exams.
  • Testing centers must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will also be signed by TCFP.

Key Terms

  • Test Site Package- An email from TCFP that contains the following information:
  • -A Generate Access Code URL link to produce daily access codes. This will need to be entered by the examinee to test.

    -A configuration file, and password, to enable the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to connect to our systems. Since the file is password protected, testing center staff must enter the password for the examinee to test.

  • Safe Exam Browser (SEB)- A lockdown browser used by TCFP. TCFP will send a specialized configuration that will be downloaded by testing centers.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)- A document that will be signed by both TCFP and the testing center. This document outlines the duties and arrangements agreed to by both parties.
  • Online Eligibility Form- A form sent to examined by TCFP. It contains the following information:
  • -Ability to Identify: Examinees name and date of birth.

    -Ability to Access Exam: Examinees user name, an exam code, and a blank space for the daily access code.

    - Useful information: TCFP testing guidelines and contact information, the type of exam and its length.

Training approval and testing

Training approval and testing

Overview of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's training approval and testing program.

Online Test Sites

Information regarding online test sites and their provided courses.

Regional testing site schedule

Information regarding testing dates at the commission's regional testing sites.

Certified training facilities

Contact information for fire protection training facilities certified by the commission. Visitors can search for training facilities by city, county, or training discipline.

Upcoming training

This page provides a tool to search for upcoming commission-approved courses.


Questions and answers about the Texas Commission on Fire Protection's accreditation by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).

Course ID list

A list of ID numbers for commission-approved courses.

Academy exam procedures (PDF)

Exam procedures for fire academies wishing to test in accordance with commission rules, includes information and instructions when applying for a state certification exam.